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The Nindinawemaaganidok / All My Relations Art Mural


In early January 2012 wooden fencing was put up around the construction area for the Gerrard Watermain Replacement Project. The hoarding (2 football fields in length) will be up until around May, 2015 to cover the underground tunneling site. The co-artistic producers, Tannis Nielsen and Phil Cote worked with a team of artists to create this monumental work of art which depicts 4 themes dedicated to Community, Water, Anishinaabe Teachings and History of the Land.

The Eastern wall is vibrant and honours indigenous communities across hemispheres: both the local Anishnawbe people and the people of Chile.

Women’s Memorial Wall (North-East) reflects First Nations cultural and spiritual teachings about women. Artist Amanda Murray and co-artistic producer Tannis Nielsen show the central theme of Woman, Water and the Moon. Sky Woman is at the centre of the mural with 13 moons in this mono-chromatic scene.

Traditional Teachings Wall (North) has Grandmother Moon on the left to Grandfather Sun on the right. Sky Woman and the Great Turtle in the Haudenosaunee creation story are shown along with colourful images of animals. History of the land continues with strong traditional images. First Man, animals, Thunderbird and other images paint an interesting timeline.

The south wall shows swirling water with images of plants, a dragonfly and life. Different styles of painting make this mural project an interesting piece of art.

This wall is the work of 21 community artists and depicts local and national indigenous history. Funding for the project was provided by C&M McNally Engineering.

The artists: Natasha Naveau, Rosary Spence, Gwen Lane, Angela Malley, Judy Rheume, Gary M. Johnston, Amanda Murray, Rebecca Baird, Cotee Harper, Graham Curry, Briana Stone, Lyndsey Lickers-Nyle Johnston, Isaac Weber, Honey Smith, Shelby Rain McDonald, Paula Gonzalez-Ossa, Kalmplex, Adrion Corey Charles, Ron Razor and Steven Henderson.

*Video and text by Peter Mykusz

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