Talking Toronto Treaties

TalkingTreatiesTreatiesTorontonians tend to think that “treaties” concern other parts of Canada, whether in western Canada or northern Ontario.

But how did the British come to displace the residents Mississaugas of the Credit? Did they simply “purchase” the land as we purchase a house today? That’s how most of our history books relate the so-called “Toronto Purchase,” as a peaceful, non-controversial transaction.

But we know different today. Over two hundred years of complaints and petitions by Mississaugas stating that their understanding of the agreement was not being honoured finally led to a new settlement in 2010. Never heard of it? Didn’t realize that almost all of us were, in effect, squatters up until 5 years ago?

The First Story Toronto team has renewed research into that original British-Mississaugas transaction of 1787, “renewed” in 1805. But we’ve also learned about the treaties that shaped this area’s history BEFORE European settlers began arriving, treaties among the First Nations of this area.And now, we’d like to invite all of our followers to attend a historic event that will review our Toronto treaty history, and help share the huge part of our area’s history that has been erased, denied or simply ignored for two hundred years.

Join us for TALKING TORONTO TREATIES a (free) event on Friday, June 26th at the beautiful waterfront campus of George Brown College, from 1-5:30pm. Reserve your space here:

We have invited experts on Indigenous diplomacy and history to help us all become literate in the full history of our area, and how the Mississaugas’ offer to share this land and its waters was not honoured for a very long time. Today, through education and solidarity, we can all promote our ongoing treaty obligations to each other – WE ARE ALL TREATY PEOPLE!

First Story Toronto has partnered with Jumblies Theatre to present these great speakers from the Mississaugas of the New Credit, Six Nations of the Grand River and Georgina Island First Nation, and Jumblies has commissioned some original music and audio installations to inspire and entertain us. Our brand new teepee is up and will host some smaller group learning sessions.

This is an event not to be missed. Please join us this Friday for TALKING TORONTO TREATIES.

Here’s the program:

Talking Toronto Treaties_Program June26,2015_lowres

If you have any questions, please contact us at


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