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First Story Toronto Tours began in 1995 with a bus tour called “The Great Indian Bus Tour.” Our name has changed since then, and we’ve developed a MOBILE APP app for self-directed exploration as well (the app is free and available for iOS and Android phones and tablets.)

We offer currently walking and bus tours that focus on telling stories of Toronto’s rich and enduring Indigenous heritage from Indigenous perspectives. Some of the topics include:

  • Ancient Indigenous trails and portages
  • Old villages, campsites, and burying places
  • Hunting, fishing, and medicine places
  • Indigenous place names
  • Treaties and colonialism
  • Indigenous resilience and adaptation
  • Indigenous Knowledge

The bus tours are usually about 3 hours long and the walking tours are about 2-3 hours long, but we can customize times and routes as needed.

If you have a group that is interested in booking a bus or walking tour, let us know and we can send you more detailed information.

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